World’s smallest electric pan tilt zoom and auto-focus zoom camera in its class

VB-S30D is a compact, Full HD, palm-sized PTZ Mini dome camera with new ultra-compact zoom lens technology. Ideal for discrete indoor security and monitoring in businesses and venues.

  • Wide-angle, f/1.4, 3.5x optical and 4x digital zoom lens
  • Multi-pixel full-HD streams supported (1920 x 1080)
  • Easy direct ceiling installation, no junction boxes and other accessories required


Equipped with DIGIC DV III (image processor) and DIGIC NET II (video compression and streaming processor)

VB-S30D offers exceptionally high quality, low noise, vivid colour reproduction, and smooth gradations as a result of the 2 processors. The DIGIC DV III processor generates powerful high-definition video while the DIGIC NET II provides transmission of the video recording in full HD.

Best-in-class minimum illumination

Considering the importance of recognition ability for surveillance cameras, noise reduction (NR) control and colour reproduction have been particularly enhanced. As a result, while striking a balance among noise, resolution and colour reproduction, color is still visible even in low light conditions up to 0.95 lux / 0.5 lux (B/W) (with 1/30 shutter speed) with excellent minimum illuminance.

Auto Smart Shade Control

Auto Smart Shade control adapts to changing lighting conditions. The light and dark areas of the scene are analyzed, and exposure and darkness compensation levels are automatically adjusted for optimum exposure compensation to suit changing conditions.

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