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    Stay Connected with High Quality Video
    Using your Canon Camera

    As the world is relying more on video calls and live-streaming on a daily basis, whether to stay connected with families, having a sales call, getting an education or simply to keep each other updated, the quality of these connections is crucial. Canon has developed the EOS Webcam Utility to bring easy-to-use, plug-and-play, webcam-like functionality to Canon cameras. Let your compatible Canon camera double-up as a high-quality webcam now!

    compatible with

    Compatible with many web conferencing applications, allows you to stay connected.

    live streaming

    With your Canon camera, you could provide better broadcast experience for your audiences and fans with the smooth motion and crisp details.

    Eye detection af

    Harness the superior AutoFocus technology of your Canon camera so your face or eye is in focus at all times.

    low light visibility

    Enjoy high resolution output for web calls and live streaming even in low-light indoor environments.

    Video Quality Comparison

    Compatible Applications

    EOS Webcam Utility is currently compatible with the following applications:

    Zoom Facebook Live Discord
    Skype Facebook Messenger Streamlabs
    Cisco Webex YouTube Live Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
    Google Meet Microsoft Teams Slack
    Google Hangouts Twitch Studio

    Guide to Use EOS Webcam Utility

    Install EOS Webcam Utility

    1. Select either Windows or macOS* version when downloading.
    2. Install it onto your computer.
    3. Once completed, restart your computer.
    4. It would not show up as an application but enables the use of compatible Canon cameras on your computer.

    *Currently, only Windows version is available. macOS version would be released soon.


    Prepare Your Camera

    1. Turn on your camera.
    2. Locate the Mode Dial / Mode Switch / Mode Button Interface on your camera.
    3. Set the camera to video mode* (Movie Mode).
    4. Set the camera to your desired exposure. 

    *Optimal settings: Full HD and frame rate of 30p (29.97p) or 24p (23.98p).


    Connecting Your Camera

    1. Locate the USB port on your camera. 
    2. Insert compatible USB cable* into camera's USB port.
    3. Insert the other end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port. 

    *Different cameras have different USB type and may not come bundled with camera.


    Selecting Your Camera

    1. Go to your desired conferencing or streaming application.
    2. Look for Audio / Video settings within the application*.
    3. Select EOS Webcam Utility under Camera.
    4. Make sure Audio input is from your computer or external microphone**.

    *Different applications would have different layouts.
    **EOS Webcam Utility does not transmit audio.


    Ready to Go!

    Once setup is completed, you're ready to use your compatible Canon camera to connect with your friends or fans with high quality video. 


    Compatible Cameras

    EOS R3 EOS 5D Mark III EOS 100D PowerShot SX70 HS
    EOS R5 EOS 5D Mark IV EOS 200D PowerShot G7 X Mark III
    EOS R6 EOS 5DS EOS 200D II PowerShot G5 X Mark II
    EOS R7 EOS 5DS R EOS 600D  
    EOS R10 EOS 6D EOS 700D  
    EOS R EOS 6D Mark II EOS 750D  
    EOS RP EOS 7D EOS 760D  
    EOS Ra EOS 7D Mark II EOS 800D  
    EOS M200 EOS 60D EOS 850D  
    EOS M50 EOS 70D EOS 1100D  
    EOS M50 Mark II EOS 77D EOS 1200D  
    EOS M6 Mark II EOS 80D EOS 1300D  
    EOS-1D X EOS 90D EOS 1500D  
    EOS-1D X Mark II   EOS 3000D  
    EOS-1D X Mark III      
    EOS-1D C