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2 Dec 2023
Php 998.00 - Php 1,998.00



Unleash your creativity and join us for an exclusive Fine Art Photography Workshop led by the renowned photographer, Rodney Torres! This extraordinary workshop will be happening on December 2, 2023 (Saturday) , 1pm to 5pm at Giclee Manila in Mandaluyong City. Not only you will learn the theories behind Fine Art Photography, you will also get to experience how to shoot in an actual studio with complete set up and model. 

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Giclee Manila
6 Fatima Street
Mandaluyong City



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Fine Art Photography Workshop With Rodney Torres (2 Dec 2023)

Fine Art Photography Workshop With Rodney Torres

Let your creativity soar, your skills flourish, and your artistic journey begin here in our upcoming Extraordinary Fine Art Photography Workshop with Rodney Torres on Dec 2, 2023, 1pm to 5pm. This workshop is available via Face-to-Face and Online.

Why Do I Need To Attend?

Learn from a Master: Rodney Torres, a seasoned fine art photographer, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the world of visual storytelling. This is a rare opportunity to gain insights from a true artist.

Hands-On Experience: This workshop is not just about theory. It's about rolling up your sleeves, grabbing your camera, and diving into the world of fine art photography. Practical sessions will help you implement what you learn in real-time.

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Discover how to infuse your images with emotion, meaning, and a touch of the extraordinary. Rodney will guide you in finding and expressing your artistic voice, helping your photographs transcend the ordinary.

Exclusive Access to Techniques: Learn the secrets behind Rodney's captivating compositions, & lighting techniques. Elevate your skills and add that touch of magic to your photography.

NetworkingOpportunities: Connect with fellow photography enthusiasts. Share ideas, experiences, and perhaps find your next collaborator or mentor. The journey of photography is even more enriching when shared.

What You'll Learn?

  • Using 2 strobe lights with modifiers and reflectors to achieve that painterly feel in your photographs.
  • Layering the Light: Lighting with intent and purpose. Each light has its own purpose whether you use many lights in your scene.
  • Color Wheel and the different color combinations to use to make your images stand out.
  • Anatomy of a Portrait Shoot; I will show you my workflow on how I organize and execute from concept to the actual shoot session.
  • Tools and gear I use to help you create your fine art photographs.

Who Can Participate?

This workshop is open to photographers of all levels, from beginners with a passion for photography to seasoned practitioners seeking to refine their skills. All you need is your camera and the willingness to explore the world of Fine Art Photography. This workshop is also open to both Canon and Non-Canon users.

Limited Spaces Available so SIGN UP NOW!

As we aim to provide an intimate and immersive experience, spaces for this workshop are limited. Secure your spot now to embark on this unforgettable journey into the realm of Fine Art Photography with Canon Philippines. Register Today!

To reserve your slot or inquire further about the workshop, please email us at or call 09164623984. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to refine your skills, connect with fellow photographers, and explore the boundless world of Fine Art Photography with Canon. Let your creativity soar!


Aside from in-depth learning & hands-on experience, when you avail this face-to-face workshop, you will also enjoy the following package inclusions:

  • FREE 1-time camera or lens cleaning
  • 10% off on Canon Repair Services
  • Access to Lens Loan
  • High Quality Photo Print
  • Canon Premium Items
  • Certificate of Participation

And a lot lot more!


Face-to-Face Session: Php 1,998

Online Session: Php 998


1. Simply register in this events page by clicking the REGISTER NOW button below.

2. Fill in your personal details .

3. An email will be sent to you to notify how you can proceed with the payment.

4. Once payment is done, Canon Team shall verify and send to you the confirmation email afterwards.


1. Do I need to have a camera during the workshop?

Great photos are best taken using a high quality camera model such as Canon cameras. You don’t necessarily have to have it during the workshop, but would be great to get one soon so you can properly apply what you will learn in the workshop.  Another option is to avail the Access to Lens/Camera Loan Program of Canon which is included in your workshop package. You can borrow Canon lens or camera that you can use during the workshop. Terms and conditions apply.  Please send us an email to inquire about your access to camera/lens loan program.

2. Can I pay after the event?

All participants would have to deposit to Canon’s BDO account 3 days after the registration or 1 week before the event whichever is earlier. Only paid registrants will be confirmed to attend the workshop.  

3.  What if I used a different camera brand, can I still attend? 

Yes, of course. We are not restricting this workshop to Canon users only, everyone is welcome in this extraordinary workshop.

4. Will there be an orientation prior the event?  

Yes, we will have a pre-event briefing to discuss with you the program flow, things to prepare, and an opportunity for all the participants to ask questions prior to the event.  

5. Can I cancel my registration? 

Once paid, you cannot cancel and refund your payment. No Cancellation & No Refund policy will be applied. 




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