Canon Takes Video Content Analytics to the Next Level with Crowd PeopleCounter

    A revolutionary technology, the Crowd PeopleCounter video content analysis software counts people in a massive crowd real time for informed decision-making

    12 APRIL 2019 – Canon today announced the launch of Crowd PeopleCounter, a new in-house developed video content analysis software that counts more than 80,000 people in real time. Analysing video images captured by network cameras, the intelligent software instantaneously counts the number of people and provides aggregated count in a live graph view for greater visibility. The accelerated process supports swift decision-making, improves the ability to react to overcrowding, and enhances the effectiveness of crowd surveillance.

    “Innovative video analytics solutions can drive operational performance and organisational efficiency in addition to security,” said Yasuhiko Shiraki, Director for Business Imaging Solutions, Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc. “Designed to help operators detect and determine overcrowding in real time, Crowd PeopleCounter works with Canon or Axis network cameras to support crowd control with live-counting. The intuitive software tabulates the crowd data in a live graph view that facilitates crowd management processes, allowing operators to plan and execute appropriate actions to manage overcrowding with significantly improved response time.”

    A key component of crowd management systems and modern surveillance, Crowd PeopleCounter caters to the needs of event and tourist management, government and law enforcement agencies, public transport stations, Customs, hyperstores and any other facility that requires effective crowd control. Combined with wide angle network cameras in the 20MP range, the intelligent software supports crowd detection of more than 80,000 people in a single frame. It also allows the selection of up to four polygonal areas of interest within the same frame for live-counting in the specified zones.

    Crowd PeopleCounter detects and counts people with high accuracy, including figures appearing small or overlapped in captured images. With the aggregated count, the software then tabulates the crowd data in a live graph view for easy analysis, and provides a full suite of reports including data in CSV file format for further computation. Operators can examine the aggregated or raw data to facilitate quick and informed decision-making.

    Being able to generate crowd data in real time improves reaction speed, and allows the system to be used in emergency situations. With live updates, operators can better instruct critical orders and dispatch resources swiftly knowing the exact locations of crowds and congestions. In addition, the ability to automate counting and analysis significantly reduces the amount of manual work required to determine overcrowding. The streamlined process enables operators to spend more time on developing proactive measures to optimise crowd control, such as managing human congestion or queue, in turn boosting overall productivity.

    Developed to work seamlessly with Canon and Axis network cameras, the Crowd PeopleCounter software supports flexible integration with any system application, featuring a highly scalable system suitable for use in any environment regardless of organisation size.