06 Jul 2011

    Notification of HF S10 / HF S100 firmware version update

    Details of Version Firmware Update
    This firmware adds the ability to record, playback, and copy movies in MXP and FXP modes with SD or SDHC memory cards that have an SD Speed Class of Class 10.

    This notification is intended for customers who use Class 10 SD cards only; if you are using Class 4 or Class 6 cards, you can continue to use them as is without performing this firmware update.

    How to update the firmware
    This firmware can only updated by Canon Service Centers. Should you wish to have the firmware of your HF S10/HF S100 updated, please contact our customer support centers listed under Contact Information.

    Please note that, once the camcorder is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version.

    How to identify units that are covered by this firmware update

    Firmware versions covered by this update
    If the firmware for your camcorder is currently version through, please perform this update. If the firmware version is already, this update does not apply.

    You can check the firmware version of your camcorder by following the procedure below.

    1. Set the camcorder to photo playback mode.
    2. Press the FUNC. (function) button, and then select Menu
    3. Operate the joystick to select the System Settings tab.
    4. Check the version shown in Firmware . (1.0.x.0)

    Please contact your nearest Canon Service Center for any enquiry.

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