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imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 6800i Series

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 6800i series delivers productivity while keeping operating noise levels low. With high speed scanning, versatile finishing options and various security features, the series is perfect for any modern office environment.
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AFPSLAI to Digitize Six Million Documents to Better Serve its Members, Chooses Canon

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Introducing 3 New Remote Cameras and 1 Remote Control Panel for Remote Video Production over IP

15 Jul 2021 — Canon has developed a new remote camera system for video production that allows for remote production using IP 1, with three new camera models and 1 new remote control panel to be released sequentially from the end of April 2021. Starting with these three models, Canon will expand its product lineup and expand the range of video expression through remote production to meet various video production needs. In recent years, the need for remote production using IP has been increasing for the video production market. In this context, Canon will launch a new remote camera system for video production that enables the pursuit of high image quality and efficient shooting workflows by combining its imaging and network technologies which have been cultivated over many years. This remote camera system comprises a series of products that support the newly developed IP XC Protocol 2 that controls Canon's video production devices, which allows for efficient shooting in a wide range of scenes by linking compatible products over a network. Moving forward, Canon will expand its product lineup and develop further in the area of video expression by providing firmware 3 that support this remote camera system to the CINEMA EOS SYSTEM cameras. Heightened Efficiency and Reduction of Human Resource at Video Production Sites CR-N500/CR-N300 are 4K PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom support) remote cameras that offer high image quality, image shading and IP compatibility equivalent to professional camcorders. In addition to SDI and HDMI, it also supports NDI|HX 4 which is popular in the video production field. As such, it is possible to construct a flexible system. Also, bundled with Remote Camera Control application, it is possible to control multiple cameras 5 on the IP network from a computer, thus reducing the number of staff for shooting and operating, which allows for smaller production teams. Remote Control of 4K PTZ Remote Cameras The remote camera controller RC-IP100 supports both IP and serial communication. It remotely controls CR-X500 via serial communication and uses XC protocol for both CR-N500 and CR-N300. It can configure a system with up to 100 cameras 6. Since it can control the cameras installed indoors and outdoors despite being far from the shooting location, it is possible to handle a wide range of shooting requirements. 1An abbreviation of Internet Protocol. Communication method for exchanging information on Internet. 2CR-X 500 is not supported. 3Supported models will increase gradually. 4 A protocol developed by NewTek that supports the workflow of live video production over IP networks. NDI is a trademark or registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 5The supported cameras are CR-N 500/CR-N 300. As of March 18, 2021. Only one CR-X500 can be connected via serial communication.

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Canon Extends its Color Production Printer Range with the New imagePRESS C170 and C165

Canon Extends its Color Production Printer Range with the New imagePRESS C170 and C165

01 Jul 2021 — Following the successful launch of the Canon imagePRESS C165 in 2019, the new imagePRESS C170 continues to meet the industry demand for streamlined professional print workflows in office environments. Like the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series, the imagePRESS C170 and C165 provide absolute ease of use with the same intuitive interface and navigation, while ensuring strong endpoint security with a wide range of security features. Supporting diverse outputs and quality in-house printing, the robust color production printers equip businesses with the ability to produce outstanding colored prints at a professional standard. The imagePRESS C170 and C165 offer remarkable print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute (ppm) and 65 ppm respectively when producing high-quality colored assets in-house, helping businesses meet fast turnaround times and tight deadlines. “With hybrid work style emerging in the new normal, businesses are looking to maximize employee productivity while in the office,” said Yasuhiko Shiraki, Business Imaging Solutions Director, Canon Philippines.  “Delivering excellent print quality, speed and paper compatibility, the imagePRESS C170 and C165 increase efficiency by enabling on-demand, in-house production of marketing collateral necessary for sales promotion, such as pamphlets, and posters, effectively broadening the print capabilities of our customers.” Designed to meet a wide range of printing needs, the imagePRESS C170 and C165 help users handle distinctive print formats alongside the standard A4 and A3 media, including envelopes, heavy media up to 350gsm, and long-sheet banners up to 1300mm. Providing further flexibility, the printers support gloss, silk, plain and textured media, as well as a large range of in-line professional finishing for versatile and creative outputs. The Multi-Density Adjustment Technology (Multi-D.A.T.) enables the printers to perform real-time density adjustments while printing. Users can prevent color fluctuations and produce high-quality deliverables steadily even when printing in large volumes. Additionally, the printers feature diverse print resolutions, including 190 lpi (lines per inch) and 170 lpi to attain high-resolution, high-quality images and text with superb clarity. The paper cassette of the printers features an internal guide mechanism that maintains uniform paper position, and a technology that controls paper delivery speed, preventing the misalignment of letters, regardless of paper size or type during high-volume printing. Offering high front and back registration accuracy, the printers also produce high-quality deliverables that require high positional accuracy on both sides of paper, such as double-sided flyers.  

Canon Helps SMEs Maximize Productivity Amid Shifts to Hybrid Work Arrangements with the New imageRUNNER C1533i

Canon Helps SMEs Maximize Productivity Amid Shifts to Hybrid Work Arrangements with the New imageRUNNER C1533i

14 Jun 2021 — Canon announced the launch of the new imageRUNNER C1533i, a productive A4 color laser multi-function device (MFD) built to provide today’s businesses with swift digitization, easy operation and fortified security. Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as workgroups within large enterprises, the compact MFD employs the same V² color imaging technology as with the award-winning imageRUNNER ADVANCE (iR-ADV) color MFDs, producing impressive color printouts with print speeds of up to 33 pages per minute (ppm). “As more businesses move towards adopting a hybrid work model that combines remote and office work, it is important to equip employees with the right solutions to maintain a high level of productivity,” said Yasuhiko Shiraki, Business Imaging Solutions Director, Canon Philippines. “Designed to facilitate hybrid ways of working in the new normal, the latest imageRUNNER C1533i helps users streamline routine tasks and digitize documents quickly for efficient collaboration, enabling employee productivity amidst alternating between working remotely and in the office.” Driving Workplace Productivity Built to support hybrid working, the new imageRUNNER C1533i offers fast duplex scan speeds of up to 150 images per minute (ipm), connects to wireless networks and integrates with public cloud platforms seamlessly. The high speed scanning allows users to digitize documents quickly, share information and collaborate regardless of location, easing the transition between remote and office work, effectively boosting overall workplace productivity.  Simplifying Routine Tasks The imageRUNNER C1533i provides ease of use with an intuitive user interface (UI) on a  7-inch color touch panel that offers excellent visibility and easy operation. A smart Timeline feature on the Home Screen displays the history of settings used during repeated jobs, helping users complete routine tasks with one-touch and reduce time spent on repetitive operations. The MFD also provides the ability to customize preferences, offering personalization of initial display screen, display language as well as frequently-used functions for added convenience and a greater user experience.    Securing Business Information Aimed at helping businesses deter security breaches, the imageRUNNER C1533i features a device security function that verifies system at start-up, checking the validity of firmware and applications to prevent unauthorized modifications, before allowing users to safely power-on. The MFD also allows the encryption of scanned documents with passwords, so only authorized users with correct passwords can access the protected files. Safeguarding valuable business information further, the imageRUNNER C1533i holds print jobs till users securely release the jobs for printing. This measure effectively eliminates the possibility of unattended printouts and helps prevent data leakage. The MFD also comes equipped with uniFLOW Online Express, a cloud-based print management solution that provides secure user authentication for preventing unauthorized device access and usage.

New Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX MFDs Empower Businesses to Accelerate Digital Transformation

New Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX MFDs Empower Businesses to Accelerate Digital Transformation

09 Jun 2021 — Canon announced the launch of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE (iR-ADV) DX 6800i series, a productive range of A3 monochrome laser multi-function devices (MFDs) complementing its color counterpart, the iR-ADV DX C5800i series launched earlier in April 2021. Ideal for businesses looking to accelerate digital transformation (DX) in the new normal, the comprehensive monochrome and color MFD lineup meets varied user needs, while delivering efficient digitisation, flexible cloud connectivity and well-rounded security to support both office and remote work in the emerging hybrid workplace. “The hybrid workplace brought about by the pandemic is quickly becoming the norm, and more businesses are digitally transforming their operations to enable agile collaboration across different functions in the office and remotely,” said Yasuhiko Shiraki, Business Imaging Solutions Director, Canon Philippines “With the addition of the iR-ADV DX 6800i series, our wide-ranging  monochrome and color MFDs are capable of meeting diverse needs, helping businesses to digitize efficiently, collaborate in the cloud securely, and create a sustainable work environment for the hybrid workforce while driving optimal productivity.” Efficient Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace A perfect partner for accelerating digital transformation, the iR-ADV DX 6800i and C5800i series offer swift digitisation with an industry-leading scan speed of up to 270 images per minute (ipm), and works seamlessly with uniFLOW Online, a cloud-based print management solution to speed up digitisation. Based on pre-configured workflows, the solution’s Filing Assist automates batch scanning, naming, filing and routing of documents to various cloud destinations quickly for further processing. The flexible cloud connectivity allows in-office and remote workers to collaborate with ease, while the automated process eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual filing for greater productivity in the hybrid workplace. The series also come equipped with uniFLOW Online Express, a simple cloud-based solution that helps track device usage, and prevents unauthorized access with device authentication. Strong Defence against Security Breaches Operating with digital workflows in the hybrid workplace requires stronger endpoint security. From document, network to device security, the iR-ADV DX 6800i and C5800i series adopt a holistic approach in strengthening its defence against security breaches, and incorporate a wide range of security features to safeguard businesses against cyber threats. Notably, the series uses Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 to safely encrypt critical data stored on the MFDs, and comply with Common Criteria (CC) Hardcopy Devices Protection Profile (HCD-PP) certification, an international evaluation standard for information security. McAfee Embedded Control, a standard security feature on the MFDs effectively blocks the execution of unauthorized applications, and prevents tampering of existing firmware to better protect businesses against malicious attacks. Safe and Eco-friendly Work Environment When paired with Canon PRINT Business App, the iR-ADV DX 6800i and C5800i series provide peace of mind with contactless operation. In-office workers can easily access the user interface of MFDs on their personal smartphones, and process jobs without touching the shared MFDs to minimize surface contact in view of the current pandemic. In addition to workplace safety, the series helps businesses drive sustainability with eco-friendly fusing technologies and sleep mode features to lower power consumption, upholding Canon’s commitment to implementing good practices that protect the environment.