Canon Professional Service (CPS) - Canon Philippines

Canon Professional Service (CPS) is a dedicated service, support and information program provided by Canon to full-time imaging professionals. CPS operates worldwide to cater to the needs of bonafide Canon professional equipment users across various fields of photography, videography and imaging. Members of the program shall be issued a CPS Card which they will use in availing the CPS privileges.
CPS offers a range of benefits which include but is not limited to: expedited and discounted service and repairs, service loaners, complimentary cleaning services, equipment evaluation loaners, field support during major events, access to special in-house and third-party promos.
For additional information about the CPS Program, please read the FAQ section below or email

1) What are the benefits of the Canon Professional Service Program?
The CPS program provides important service, support and information to photographers, videographers, professional instructors and imaging experts who use Canon Professional Equipment in their daily work. There are 3 major categories of benefits for the CPS program namely:
Over-the-counter Support, Periodical Service Support and Major Event Support. These include expedited and discounted service and repairs, service loaners, complimentary cleaning services, equipment evaluation loaners, field support during major events and access to special in-house and third-party promotions.
Please click here or visit to check the detailed benefits for each CPS Membership packages.

2) What are the requirements for the CPS program?
An applicant should be a full-time imaging professional. Status should be supported by relevant documents such as, but is not limited to, business permits, DTI certificates, BIR receipts, etc. Tear sheets and/or links to online portfolios should also be presented.
An applicant should also own the required number of qualifying camera/lens units. Only locally purchased units are eligible for registration.

Equipment Ownership Requirements:
1 unit EOS 7D /EOS R or Higher and 2 units Pro Lenses
2 units EOS 1DX Mark II and 3 units Pro Lenses
1 unit XLH1, XLH1S, XHA1, XHG1, XHA1s, XHK1s, XF300, XF305, XF100, XF105
3) How do I apply for the CPS program?
Download the application form here or visit
Submit the completed application form together will all the other required documents to the Canon Customer Care Center at G/F Commerce and Industry Plaza, Campus Ave. cor Park Ave., Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. You can also send a soft copy of the documents to Your submission will be construed as your agreement to the CPS Terms and Conditions.
4) I have Canon professional equipment bought outside the Philippines. Can I apply for the CPS program?
Only locally purchased units are eligible for the CPS program. You can still have your equipment serviced but privileges of the CPS program cannot be applied to them.

5) What is the period of my membership?
One (1) Year and subject for renewal. Canon might request a member to update his membership status and details even within the one (1) year period.
6) How long does it take for me to get my CPS card?
Your CPS card will be issued within 1 to 2 months after approval of your membership. Submission of requirements does not guarrantee approval of your application. Should you want to avail of the CPS program privileges without your card, please approach the Canon Professional Service Officer present at the service center and he will assist you/your concerns.
7) I don't want to be a member of CPS anymore. How do I cancel my membership?
Please notify us of your cancellation of membership by emailing
8) I want my whole company to be part of the CPS program. Is there an Institutional CPS program that we can avail of?
Please notify us of your intent of having your whole company entered to the CPS Program. Email us at
9) What does "major event support" mean?
Canon supports selected major events on a regular basis. Support can vary from on-site cleaning services and technical support to special loan programs where the CPS members can reserve and borrow equipment from our Canon Customer Care Center for the sole purpose of using it for a given event.
10) What does "qualifying units" mean?
These are the eligible units that an applicant is required to own prior to his/her membership to the CPS program.
11) What does "service units" mean?
These are the units that are eligible for expedited and discounted service under the CPS program.
12) Can I share my privileges as a CPS member to my friends?
No. The CPS privileges are only for its members. Only those items that have been registered in the program is eligible for the special service and repair discounts.