Total Guarantee customer services during community quarantine - Canon Philippines

27 April 2020

Dear valued customer,

As the outbreak of CoViD-19 continues to severely affect several countries around the world including the Philippines, our top priorities remain to be the health and safety of our customers, employees, and our partner network. We understand the challenges facing today’s business environment and we wish to reassure you of our continued commitment to provide excellent service during these extremely challenging times.

We want to share with you the steps our service division have taken to address this pandemic and explain how we will continue to support you as we move forward.

  • We have strictly enforced physical distancing guidelines and adapted WFH policy for all our field service teams.
  • Our service leadership team meets daily to discuss service issues and opportunities so that we can quickly adjust to the very fluid situation we are facing right now.
  • All our engineers have been equipped with face masks and sanitizers and are under strict instructions to use them when entering your premises. They have likewise been extensively trained on how to disinfect and sanitize the equipment they will be supporting before any work is performed.
  • We have increased our consumable and spare parts stock levels to mitigate against the risk of global supply chain disruption.

We anticipate that because of the need to pass through multiple checkpoints to get to your location, you may experience degraded response times. In order to minimize verification time spent at checkpoints, we are requesting you provide us soft-copy documentation:

  • Certifying that your business is classified as an essential service pursuant to Proclamations 929 and 922 (s. 2020) and Republic Act No 11332.
  • Attesting that Canon is your company’s service provider.

Finally, we request you to please consider the use of our remote management tools designed for your convenience. These tools are offered to you free of charge.

eMaintenance allows your device to communicate directly to our global headquarters Canon Inc., in Japan. Through the Internet and certified secure protocols, your device will report in real-time any abnormal operating state whether it is low on toner or it encounters an operating error. eMaintenance even senses when critical parts face imminent failure, thus totally eliminating the need for manual monitoring and logging of service or consumable requests. Early detection and automatic notification allows Canon to act much earlier minimizing any potential downtime for your devices.

eBusiness Portal is a website exclusive for our Total Guarantee customers. It allows you to log your consumable or service request. You can also check the history of your device utilization, service calls, meter reading invoices and statements of account. It likewise has links to technical support resources for your machines.

You may inquire through our customer assistance team via email at

We would like to reassure you that we take our responsibility to both you and our staff very seriously. We join you in hopes that the current situation eases as soon as possible, through our combined efforts to combat the further spread of the virus. We wish you, your colleagues and family health and safety.


CJ Quiaoit
Asst. Director
Business Imaging Solutions
Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.