About Us - Canon Philippines

Canon in the Philippines

We are a global brand providing total imaging solutions — an extensive line of input to output devices coupled with services that augment these products to cater to the needs of our customers, may they be individuals, small to medium enterprises to large-scale corporations.

Established on December 18,1996 the company began operations as a subsidiary of Canon in Asia with less than a quarter of a billion year end revenue. From then on, it has grown seven times hitting its first billion peso sales leap in 2001. At present, Canon ranks among the Top 500 of the Philippines' Top Corporations.

Behind these remarkable achievements is a workforce of almost 500 professional employees equipped with years of experience in selling and servicing Canon products in the Philippines.

Our prestigious clientele ranges from discerning consumers to multi-million dollar companies to rising entrepreneus. Canon offices span across the archipelago and reach more customers from Metro Manila to the various provinces.

In 2012, Canon celebrated our 15th anniversary in the country with our corporate image branding campaign called the "Canon ImageNation". this exemplifies the Filipinos love for images and Canon continues to fuel that passion. It is a tribute to the millions and even billions of images captured,stored and shared by Canon users throughout the years. But more than that, Canon ImageNation aims to encourage everyone to be active agents of positive social change in the country.

Canon Corporate Philosophy

Guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on "living and working together for the common good", Canon consistently integrates good relations with customers, communities and also with the environment. Canon's goal is to contribute to global prosperity and well-being of the individual which will lead to continuing growth.

Kyosei is illustrated in the Canon slogan of Delighting You Always which is used in South and Southeast Asia.

Environmental Policy

In conformance with the requirement, the company embodies the following EMS Policy:

"Canon Marketing (Philippines),Inc. aims to align and continually improve its operations in sales, marketing, service and distribution by managing its environmental aspects to mitigate its environmental impact and prevent pollution. We implement an Environmental Management System(EMS) that complies with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, with applicable requirements of Philippine law, and with other requirements set by the regional and global directors of Canon."

The framework for setting and reviewing the environmental objectives is in the company's EMS Aspect/Impact Register. The member of the CMP-EHS Promotion Sub-Committee keeps the register up to date.

The implementation of EMS policy is undertaken by the organization in accordance with the direction and approval of the company's highest authority, the President and CEO. The Policy and its implementation uphold the principles of the Canon Group Environmental Charter, namely:

Corporate Philosophy, Kyosei: Contribute to the prosperity of the world and happiness of mankind.

Environmental Assurance Philosophy: Maximize resource efficency and contribute to sustatinable development.

Fundamental Policies for Environmental Assurance: Harmonize environmental and economic interests; reduce environmental burden through innovations in resources efficency; and eliminate anti-social activities.