imagePRESS V1350

A fast, durable, high-quality, and high-volume Digital Colour Press with innovative technology for high levels of automation.

  • A4 print speed: 135 ppm
  • Printer durability: 72 million sheets
  • Duty cycle: 2.4 million


Maximise Productivity

Save time by printing at speeds of 135 ppm. Automate printing adjustments with the sensing unit and carry out mass printing.

Print a Wide Range of Media

Meet diverse printing demands by using the imagePRESS V1350 to print promotional materials, point of sales, high-end business cards and packaging.

Adjust Colours

Ensure consistent printing colour by using the in-line spectrophotometer sensor to automatically adjust colours, and correct colours with the multi-D.A.T. colour correction mechanism.

Print in Top Quality

Front to back registration, an efficient cooling unit and air vacuum feed input technology enable the output of high-quality materials.