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    SEAOIL experienced a fair share of challenges before stepping into an automated and enhanced system with Canon. Since implementing Therefore™, we are now reaping numerous benefits, such as improvements in customer service, streamlined and efficient work processes, and a more convenient system to archive and retrieve our confidential documents securely.

    Ms. Melody Yapson
    VP for Strategic Businesses


    The Challenge

    • Digitising large volumes of documents
    • Laborious document retrieval
    • Minimal document security measures

    The Solution

    • Therefore™ information management solution
    • imageFORMULA document scanners

    The Results

    • Quick and efficient document digitisation
    • Easy information retrieval via a central platform
    • Improved security with document access controls

    SEAOIL is the largest independent fuel company in the Philippines. Since its inception in 1997, they have become one of the leading fuel companies in the country, with over 500 stations nationwide. Accorded the Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year Award for two consecutive years, the company strives to provide quality, affordable and sustainable products, remaining true to their promise of “Fueling a Better Future”.

    Identifying Gaps in Operational Processes

    Catering to an expanding customer base, SEAOIL was generating large volumes of paperwork on a daily basis. Efficient document management proved to be a challenge for the company as they had more than 250,000 pages of legal contracts, agreements and permits in their archives that were not digitised.

    With only hard copy documents available on hand, information retrieval became a labour-intensive and time-consuming task. As they had remote working teams, the lack of digital document workflows affected the company’s operational efficiency, which hindered employee productivity. The absence of information security measures also put sensitive data at risk, as it was difficult to monitor information access with their existing work processes.

    The Search for a Holistic Digital Solution

    There was a pressing need for SEAOIL to digitise and automate their manual processes, eliminating inefficiencies and optimising day-to-day operations. The company required a holistic, integrated digital solution that not only systematically stored and organised their large depository of confidential information, but also improved the accessibility of their documents without compromising on data security.

    The company sought to simplify their business processes and embarked on a digital transformation journey with Canon.

    Starting a Digital Transformation Journey

    After thorough consultations with several solution providers, SEAOIL found that Canon was the only one that met their requirements. SEAOIL had a large archive of hard copy legal documents with sensitive information that needed to be digitised as quickly as possible.

    To address this, Canon provided imageFORMULA document scanners that delivered high-speed, high-quality image processing even for aging hard copies. Designed for optimal performance in high-volume scanning environments, the scanners helped with swift digitisation, eliminating the need for physical storage spaces, saving time and operational costs for the company.

    Building Efficient Digital Workflows with Therefore™

    Therefore™, a scalable and secure information management solution, was also introduced to facilitate SEAOIL’s digital transformation. Scanned documents were easily captured, indexed and automatically archived, streamlining their information processes on a secure, central platform.

    SEAOIL’s legal department no longer needed to go through piles of hard copy documents to find a reference, instead, a simple search provided quick access to information required, saving the team valuable time and a whole lot of effort.

    The legal team could also exercise control over document access, revoking permissions granted to authorised personnel once information required has been retrieved. SEAOIL’s IT team on the other hand could restrict personnel from downloading and printing the legal documents, deterring potential data leakage effectively.

    A Perfect Partnership with Canon

    To realise a seamless digital transition, Canon supported SEAOIL throughout the process and oversaw its successful digital transformation. Combining speedy digitisation of documents, streamlined information retrieval and improved data security, Canon’s solutions injected efficiency into SEAOIL’s business processes. Positive employee and customer feedback also reinforced the value of their digitisation overhaul.

    Practical solutions and a prompt turnaround time ensured that SEAOIL’s challenges were effectively resolved. With Canon’s support and commitment to excellence, SEAOIL can now focus on their core competencies to deliver greater value to its customers.

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