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    Create with Canon and Beyond

    The Concept-  What do you get when you bring different like-minded people together to share their passion? In exploring new possibilities, the CII team at Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc. came up with the idea of creatively showcasing different Canon products and solutions to dealers, partners, media and end-users through a 1-day experiential product launch at SMX Convention Centre on 31 March 2023.Veering away from the traditional format, this event themed ‘Create with Canon and Beyond’ comprise elements of creative and experiential product display, as well as integrated solution learning and workshops conducted by business owners, content creators and different key opinion leaders. The team also ensured that there is a cohesive ‘product launch story’ so they are able to host the various groups of participants concurrently, with three vision rooms set up for different like-minded people to gather and share their ideas and passion.  

    The Event - CMP’s President and CEO, Mr. Anuj Aggarwal officially opened the launch and warmly welcomed esteemed dealers, members of the press, brand ambassadors, and valued customers. In his opening remarks, he shared that "Our team of experts worked tirelessly to design and develop our latest printers and cameras to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality”. The launch became more exciting as media partners, dealers, loyal customers, and enthusiasts experienced on-stage discussions about filming and lighting techniques, success stories from different entrepreneurs, and content creations from popular influencers. It was a significant event not only for the brand but for the whole community that supports and trusts Canon. Building on its goal of catering needs to individuals, Gen Z, content creators, SMEs and large corporations, CMP pushes boundaries to continuously share delightful experiences of Creating with Canon and Beyond.

    The Outcome- Despite challenges of longer planning timeline and limited resource, the event concluded successfully with 169 attendees, along with positive feedback from various group of participants when it comes to the venue, display and overall experience.A total of 37 media pick-ups with a total PR value of PHP7 Million and 476K media impressions were generated. In terms of social media, there has been a total reach of 4.2M and 5.5M impressions. By bringing different like-minded people together, it allows the event to be more dynamic and interactive, with various perspectives shared on similar topics of interest. The results have also shown that greater buzz and awareness can be generated from the dynamic synergy.