RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM

Amplify Your Perspective

The RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM is Canon's widest lens*, offering ultra-wide zoom capabilities from 10mm to 20mm, besides being lightweight and compact. The lens has image stabilisation of up to 5 shutter speed stops and up to 6 stops when paired with compatible cameras, allowing for remarkable handheld low-light shots.

*Among all interchangeable lens for cameras compatible with 35mm full-frame sensor (excluding fish-eye lenses). As of 10th October 2023 (researched by Canon)

  • Ultra-wide Focal Length of 10mm
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Up to 6 stops Image Stabilisation

Amplify Your

Don't be limited by what you could see, let the RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM amplify your perspective and explore new creative expression.

More Than
What You See

Wide Got Wider


High Optical Performance

This lens is optically designed to improve the overall image quality through the use of in-camera distortion correction, and it renders the image's periphery with clarity. Even after correcting for distortion, image quality is comparable to or better than that of the EF11-24mm f/4L USM.

Double-Side Aspherical Lens

The front lens element is a uniquely designed large-diameter double-sided aspherical lens with a high curvature.  Through the innovation of the RF mount for short back-focus, we are able to design this compact and lightweight ultra-wide angle lens with high image quality.

Super UD & UD Lens

The RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM is capable of delivering high image quality from edge to edge while achieving a wider focal length than its EF counterpart through effective arrangement of the Super UD and UD lenses, made possible by the new RF mount. 


The RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM reduces ghosting significantly through the use of Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC), both of which have a higher anti-reflective effect than common vapour-deposit coatings. 

Superior Autofocus

Leadscrew-Type STM

The leadscrew-type STM (Stepping Motor) in the RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM allows it to provide fast and accurate autofocus. In order to achieve such rapid and precise AF, the lens stroke has been optimised to be as short as possible.

This technological advancement allows for the lens to be made more compact and lightweight.

The quiet and smooth AF operation makes it perfect for recording videos. 

Image Stabilisation

Capture beautiful handheld night shots with the RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM amazing image stabilisation capability. The In-Lens Stabilizer provides up to 5 stops effectiveness. When paired with compatible cameras, it can go up to 6 stops effectiveness.

Smaller and Much Lighter

Even with a wider focal length and built-in Optical IS, the RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM is about 15% shorter and weighs less than half of the EF11-24mm f/4L USM.


Designed to be small and lightweight, the RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM can fit into a small bag while still attached to the camera.

Lens Function Button

The new customisable Lens Function button on the body of the lens allows you to instantly access a variety of functions related to AF, exposure, connectivity, and more.

Rear Gelatin Filter

You will be able to explore more creative expressions by using various filters such as ND and coloured filters with the rear gelatin filter holder. 

Dust & Drip Resistance

The RF10-20mm f/4L IS STM is designed with a dust- and drip-resistant construction where sealing is applied to crucial parts of the lens. 

Fluorine Coating

The front element of the lens has a fluorine coating that helps repel oil and water for easier cleaning. 


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