G Series Warranty - Canon Philippines

PIXMA G Series limited warranty terms and conditions

  • The printer includes an automatic standard 2-year warranty. Warranty period will be up to a maximum of 2 years or 25,000 pages, whichever comes first.
  • For G-Series models  G1000, G2000, G3000 and G4000 please present your proof of purchase at your nearest Customer Care Centre or any Authorized Service Center.
  • The standard warranty is only applicable to printers purchased from authorized dealers within the country. CMPI reserves the right to turn down the free repair service during warranty period should the company determine that the printer was not purchased in the Philippines.
  • For corporate accounts, with minimum of ten (10) G-series units, a free annual preventive maintenance for Corporate accounts with minimum of ten (10) units. During the visit, our Customer Engineer performs Preventive Maintenance, printer head cleaning, scan and copy calibration, and even a minor repair (without parts replacement).
  • Provided that the printer is within warranty and used under normal conditions, the service center is committed to repair the printer and replace parts free of charge if there are any defects in the materials and workmanship (excluding fair wear and tear), save as the following circumstances in which Canon Marketing Philippines Inc., (CMPI) shall exercise its sole and absolute discretion to determine whether to charge a service fee and whose decision shall be final:
    • Where valid proof of purchase and/or warranty card are/is not presented (except where it can be proved that the free warranty period has not expired).
    • Where damage was caused by a Product which is altered from the product structure or specification as stated in the package and user manual.‚Äč
    • Where damage was caused by the use of parts / accessories not produced by Canon.
    • Where the Product was not used, repaired or maintained in accordance with the user manual (damage caused by using the Product not within the controlled environment including but not limited to expiry of specified rating, abnormal changes or inappropriate voltage, current, electromagnetic and public circuit etc.).
    • Where damage was caused by accidental damage (including dropping or water damage) or improper storage (pest infestation such as mice, cockroaches, etc.).
    • Where damage was caused by repair, transformation, decomposition, or cleaning carried out by an agent not authorized by CMPI or by the customer himself / herself.
    • Where the model or serial number of the Product recorded on the proof of purchase or warranty card is different from that recorded on the Product.
    • Where non-genuine ink, refilled ink or continuous ink systems were used on the product (whether or not damage was caused by such use).
    • Where damage was caused by using pirated software.
  • Use of non-genuine ink, 3rd-party refilled ink and continuous ink systems may have a negative effect on the performance and printing quality of the printer. In addition, there have been several reported cases that the print head heats up and emits smoke when used with non-genuine ink. Furthermore, excellent print quality cannot also be guaranteed with the use of non-Canon photo paper.
  • Inks made or purchased from other countries are not compatible with printers from the Philippines (regardless if they are genuine or not) and vice versa. Using inks from other countries may compromise print quality. Damages caused by incompatible inks will void the warranty.