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More Vibrant Colours

Colour vibrancy is what makes a photo truly special. Genuine Canon inks are formulated to produce exceptionally vibrant colours that are both accurate and unforgettable.Skin tones are beautifully natural. Bright colours are excitingly vivid. The in-between shades are always subtly expressive.With genuine Canon inks, you get colours as vibrant as life.

Protect your Printer Head

Inferior quality inks can damage your printer!

Third party inks can cause photo colours to fade faster, or papers to curl due to incompatibility. It is important to use inks designed and engineered specially for FINE™ print head. Genuine Canon inks are designed to produce brilliant and lasting prints.

Photos That Last and Last

Genuine Canon inks and photo papers are engineered to work together.

The result of this synergy is brilliant, fade-resistant prints that can be preserved for a long time*! Inferior quality inks can damage your printer and cause photo colours to fade faster.

*Under proper storage conditions.

Don’t Be Fooled: How To Identify A Genuine Canon Ink Cartridge

It’s sometimes difficult to tell a counterfeit ink cartridge from the real thing, because the product packaging can be very similar. However, the quality of the contents can be distinguished. A genuine Canon ink cartridge ensures optimal printer performance, while counterfeits can cause blocked printer heads, ink leakage, poor printer performance and inferior image quality.

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High page-yield, High quality

Print more at high quality with genuine inks.

Maximize your printer’s life

Don’t risk your warranty! Protect your investment as use of non-genuine inks reduces printer life by 75% and could even cost you as much as 5K to repair!

Safety assured

Genuine inks are SAFE to use and has Material Safety Data Sheet, a document the provides information on the ingredients used in our products, its effect on human health, handling, etc.


With Canon, every product purchase is as good as supporting its advocacy towards a greener environment. Canon users are assured of an environmental-friendly process in every Canon product they use.


You are assured that your purchase is genuine from our Authorized Dealers and Original Ink Centers.

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It is easy to keep your printer in tip-top condition, and the benefits are truly amazing. From excellent performance to exceptional documents and images.

The best way to ensure that your printer stays in perfect condition is using genuine Canon Inks and Toner.

Use Draft Mode to Save Ink

If you’re printing something just for reference and quality isn’t paramount, use the ink-saving “Draft” mode under the Print Quality settings of your PIXMA printer; or use the Toner Save mode of your Canon laser printer.

Just remember to switch back to “Standard” or “High” mode when printing your final copy.

Individual Ink Cartridges

Canon’s innovative Ink Cartridge system is an ingenious way to lower costs by saving ink and paper. Each ink colour has its own cartridge, because colours are used at different rates.

Only the depleted colour needs to be replaced, so ink wastage is eliminated. Your inkjet printer will let you know when a cartridge is low or empty, so you’ll never waste paper by running out of ink in the middle of a print job.

Duplex Printing

Save time, paper and money by printing on both sides of the paper. Many Canon printers feature Auto Duplex Printing, which allows you to print on both sides of the paper automatically.

There’s no need to turn it over manually. Not only is it a convenient way to print, it’s also environmentally friendly!

Print Regularly

Leaving your printer idle for extended period could result in ink clogs in the print head. To avoid this, simply print a document or two at least once a month.

Additionally, avoid keeping your printer in dusty environments or placing it in the direct path of an air conditioner draft. Such exposure could dry the ink in the print head more quickly.

Following these simple tips ensures the optimal performance for your printer.


Dispose Canon printer cartridges properly. Canon is giving their printer owners the chance to drop their empty printer cartridges in their select Dealer stores, and Customer Care Centers.


For us, the term ENJOY simply means,

ENDLESS printing and JOYFUL service for everyone.

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