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02 Nov 2021

    Tips on Improving Your Business Strategy in 2022

    As the world transitions to the new normal, more businesses are realizing that following their old strategies might not be the best step forward. Companies like Lyft and Google for instance, are embracing flexible work arrangements for their employees. While many other companies are rapidly integrating digital processes into their operation. But what really is the best way to cope with the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

    There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to coming up with a good business strategy. The important thing is to choose the strategy that would best suit your business goals, and be open to change while you’re at it.

    After all, in this world, the only constant is change. This is especially true right now, when uncertainties brought by the pandemic continue to come up. If you find that your business strategy needs some serious revision, these tips might help give your business strategy a clearer direction for the year ahead.

    To further evolve your company, pay attention to the following.

    Proactive Solutions, Not Reactive Decisions

    At its worst, the pandemic has forced a lot of companies to shut down and give in to the overwhelming economic pressures that they faced at the time. For most companies, the knee-jerk reaction would be to board up the windows and close down. Although this was unfortunately the only inevitable option for some companies at that time, there were also a lot of companies who made the pre-emptive mistake of following what everyone else was doing.

    In any crisis, the best thing to do is to act according to the situation at hand. Although this might sound like a no-brainer in theory, a lot of companies fail to apply it in real life. Far too many companies choose to wait for trends to appear instead of responding to them.

    One of the main reasons why many companies tanked during the pandemic was because of being too reactive, rather than proactive. When the virus hit major cities, many people grew more hesitant to travel or conduct business in person. As a result, a lot of companies got hung up on trying to find a way to accommodate those requests rather than monitoring the national situation so they can adjust their practices accordingly.

    Embrace Digitization

    Digitization was already being adapted by numerous companies well before 2020. But the events of that year just made it even more appealing.

    Uploading texts and other physical documents to the cloud is an elegant solution to an otherwise messy, and sometimes confusing, problem of document management. But the benefits of switching to digitization do not stop there.

    Digitization opened doors for companies to fully operate remotely. Nation-wide lockdowns have made it difficult for companies to meet with their team in the office. It is therefore crucial to make sure that they can still securely access the documents that they need whenever they need it.

    In 2020, we saw just how quickly virtual communication became the most popular business strategy among companies. As the new year rolled in, however, companies are calling this tactic back in favor of restoring the face-to-face work setup. Huge mistake.

    Understandably, there are many companies that would struggle with the work-from-home arrangement. But for those that can absolutely get away with remote work, going back to the office at a time when COVID-19 is still very much at large is a misstep.

    The only thing that’s certain is the internet. Everybody uses it. And almost everyone has it. So, why not use it to your full advantage?

    How well will you be able to respond to a customer base whose main method of purchasing and research is through digital voice assistants if your company is still based on brick-and-mortar operations? As 2022 approaches, the innovative transitions that occurred in 2020 must be accelerated, not delayed.

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    Scout for Reliable Suppliers

    The pandemic has brought harsh realities to the fore. It forced a lot of companies to cut back on the unnecessary matters, while doubling up the efforts towards conservation. When you need to conserve as many resources as possible, it makes perfect sense to be selective when it comes to choosing your suppliers and subcontractors. That is why this tip makes our top recommendation.

    If you plan to take on digitization, for instance, you need suppliers that offer reliable document solutions without much of the hassle. Make sure to look out for companies that offer amazing deals on document scanners and other multi-function devices. Such machines are crucial for the success of your journey to digitization.

    It’s just one of the possible reasons to get a reliable supplier. In the midst of a crisis, the last thing you’ll need is a contractor that will leave you hanging. Do not draw up an agreement with a company out of convenience. Instead, partner with companies and contractors that can ultimately support you in the long run.

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    Build Strong Strategies

    There were a lot of talks about how the pandemic would cause one of the biggest recessions that the world has ever faced. And its effects are still greatly felt all over the world, more so in the Philippines.

    The stock market is highly volatile. One minute you’re enjoying the sharp upward trend, then find yourself gasping as it plummets downward the next minute. This is to say that predicting the trajectory of the economy is almost impossible and allowing your business to be highly dependent on those inaccurate predictions might cost you.

    With this, our next tip is to avoid building business strategies based on predictions. You cannot rely on optimistic charts when they come. Instead, creating strong workflows and operating principles that can ride through the storm during bad times and push you to flourish during good times.

    This is why we highly suggest building strong systems instead of focusing too much on goals. Without a robust system, how will you get to the goal in the first place? If there’s anything we learned during the pandemic, it’s those goals are always changeable, powerful strategies are not.

    Stay On Top of the Trends

    Aside from the tips that we have mentioned thus far, we also suggest staying on top of the trends. Whether it be social media trends or consumer buying patterns, you can benefit a lot from investing in research and development. Knowing the behavior of your clients and how they interact with social media channels will give you a very good idea on how to serve them.Of course, studying trends don’t only apply to things that happen outside of your company. Studying what’s happening within your company is also important to protect your business. Gather what you can about how your employees are growing and what you can do to evolve with them.

    Ready, Set, Go!

    There are countless other things that we can include on this list. But for now, the tips we have mentioned can help drive your business along for the next year ahead, with or without the pandemic.

    The ball’s in your court. Are you ready for 2022?