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31 Aug 2021

    Tired of Black and White? Here’s Why You Should Print in Color

    Using color printing to present your products and services in the best possible light can put you ahead of your grayscale competitors. According to a number of studies, adding color to any form of material increases the item's attraction to the reader or recipient.

    Colorful marketing materials will attract the eye of the individual much faster and maintain their attention for longer, ensuring that your goods meets your advertising objectives. A full color object is usually not that much more expensive than something that is considered bland, dull, or of poorer quality.

    When you use full color printing of photographs to highlight your items in brochures or other collateral, your products will look better, and your firm will appear to be a better choice for consumers. Because color generates a better response rate, you'll get more value for your money, which can raise your bottom line and help your company prosper.

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    Conveying the Right Message

    It's tempting to dismiss color printing as an overly expensive choice that should only be used for high-end corporate brochures, posters, and signs. After all, you can still convey the same message with just black and white print, right? Well, it's not as straightforward as it seems. You see, while the same vital information may be delivered using less expensive monochrome printing, color delivers a host of commercial benefits that go far beyond cost and usability.

    If you have been thinking about adding color printing to your business operations but still need a little push, you've come to the right place. Here are four reasons why switching to color for your next printing project is a good idea.

    Making a Good Impression

    Color printing allows you to make a favorable first impression, whether it's a piece of homework for school or university or an office document to a possible customer. By optimizing your documents with some eye-catching colors and printing them at a high quality on the page, you can demonstrate that your work has a level of professionalism that others will notice.

    Customers are more likely to choose a full-color version that has been professionally produced, as it's no secret that innovative use of color draws the eye.It's equally crucial to consider the implications for internal stakeholders. The use of color strategically in a report, presentation, or proposal, printed on high-quality paper for a "premium" look and feel, could be just what you need to persuade senior management of the worth of your bold new business plan or product.

    Amping Up Your Audience

    In addition to improving the visual appeal of a print, color makes printed information easier to store and recall. Color's favorable effects on working memory and visual attention have a huge impact in marketing, with studies showing that people are up to 42 percent more likely to read color ads than non-color ads.

    Color may create powerful emotions in viewers and be a crucial influencer driving a buying decision across all types of media.

    Color printing, when done correctly, also helps make the printouts more readable. Try to imagine the reader (an engineer or a teacher, for instance) who needs to see every detail of the print out. Using color on a page promotes the effort behind it and makes it stand out.

    Staying True to the Source

    When printing text-only documents, monochrome printing is usually the best option. Black-and-white or grayscale, on the other hand, won't make it for most photographs or graphics unless you're going for a "vintage" look. When it comes to printing any type of business communication, you want it to be as efficient as possible.

    Today's digital large-format printing technology can now provide detail, sharpness, and color accuracy and consistency that are nearly indistinguishable from the best lithographic printing techniques. These printers provide greater printing speed and value for money, both of which will only increase over time as technology improves and becomes more efficient.

    Large Format printers make it much easier to print in color across a wide range of materials media, whether it's eye-catching formats with fancy folds, thicker paper to signal greater quality, or textured paper for more impact. It can handle anything from basic printing and scanning to eye-catching posters and photographs, making it ideal for any business setting.

    The imagePROGRAF PRO large format printers capture the imagination of every professional photographer and design firm, with their finesse in vivid color reproduction and stunning print quality. With its LUCIA PRO INK, advanced 12 color pigment ink, it can accurately reproduce even the difficult colors, such as the subtle gradation of skin tones.

    Highly Beneficial Long-Term Value

    Fortunately, the days of slow, unreliable color printers that used a lot of ink and produced variable or mediocre results are long gone. Since 1999, when it debuted its first full-color inkjet printer with the innovative "MicroFine Droplet" printer heads, Canon has been a consistent leader and innovation in the digital color printing field, followed three years later by its first color laser printing device.

    Major developments in LFP color printing technology have made these devices more versatile, inexpensive, and easy to operate in recent years. They can manage a wide range of paper and media, with professional quality, from reports, brochures, and booklets to enormous posters and signage, thanks to a significant number of printing and publishing features. These printers can smoothly integrate into your current setup and document workflows, while also securing your data with the newest in-built security features.

    It is now feasible to experience the beneficial impact of color printing in your business and benefit from its higher ROI by assisting in the financial viability of even the smallest and most specialized creative printing projects. With the built-in Accounting Manager software of imagePROGRAF PRO Series, you can accurately track print costs, ink and media consumption for single or multiple printers effortlessly for each individual print, each department, or each user through centralized management.

    Color printing is becoming more affordable and more accessible. It is no longer a luxury for businesses that want to interact more closely with customers, increase market share, and make their brand stand out in a world where attention reigns supreme.

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